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Do you provide delivery?


Yes. We can arrange a courier service to deliver the products back to you once photographed.



How do I send you items?


All products can be sent to our Pretoria Studio and will be photographed once they have been prepped.



How do I monitor what the images are looking like?


Clients can log in via Skype for a virtual shoot or samples for approval can be sent directly via WhatsApp on the day of the shoot. Clients will need to make themselves available for speedy responses once the images are sent in order not to delay the shoot process.

What is deep etching? Do I need it?


Deep etching is a technique where the product is "cut out" from the background, allowing your design team to be able to place the product onto a different background or to simply achieve a pure white background (255 value) with no shadows under the product.


How can I contact your couriers?


You will be sent a copy of the waybill once the shipment order has been placed.



What is your standard turn around time?


The Light Studio can turn around jobs within 48 hours if required. Our standard turn around time is 10 working days from the time we receive the product and the shoot is confirmed by means of a deposit.


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